Cee Bee Quarter Horses - SALE BARN

          Horses For Sale

VET INSPECTIONS WELCOME:  Buyer to arrange at your cost.

DEPOSIT: $1000 required to SET SALE  or $500 cash minimum on day of viewing

PAYMENT PLAN: Conditions apply  

INTERSTATE: Horse cartage out of Tasmania weekly with the cost being no more expensive than any other interstate horse cartage.

REGISTRATION: Horse papers are parent variation DNA proof. All my horses paper work have been paid and processed so you the buyer don't waste spending money and time on buying a horse advertised CAN BE REGISTERED when maybe it can't for one reason or another. Check before you buy.  

          CEE BEE IMPERIALS BADGER         AQHA  Q-82843
                SOLD    SONNY June 2021

               CEE BEE BEAUGOTCHA       

                                   AQHA  Q-93122                                 

                                             SOLD    BANJO on 3/3/19                   

            CEE BEE CASABLACKA                                AQHA  Q-8494

                                                                       SOLD    CASA on 02/03/2017                                                 


              BUNDALLA RAZZLE DAZZLE           WPCS C-7558 

                                                                                SOLD    RAZZ on 17/02/2016                                                                                    


           CEE BEE BLACK N SANS                             AQHA  Q-8050

                                 SOLD    MOUSE on 03/02/2015  


               TEMONETTE          AQHA  Q-50018


                              SOLD    MONICA on 28/01/2015        

           CEE BEE SANS BADGERETTE      AQHA  Q-7816


                                                                            SOLD   RUBY on 11/03/2014

        CEE BEE SANS B LACE            AQHA  Q-77764              

                                                                      SOLD  JACEY on 24/09/2013


              CEE BEE TESAN SYLVIE                    AQHA Q-75357

                                                                     SOLD  SYLVIE on 4/1/2013

             CEE BEE TEMONTY BADGER    AQHA Q-72795


                                                                     SOLD  MONTY on 5/11/2011           

                CEE BEE BLUE SONIC      AQHA Q-72253


                                                                          SOLD  NICKY on 2/9/2011                       

               CEE BEE VAGABOUND     AQHA A1-9640 


                       SOLD  BUCKY on 27/11/2009                        

               COLIDA'S BUFFY MEUP AAA- Not recorded


                                                  SOLD   BUFFY on 8/11/2002

                      CALL ME COCO AQHA A2-657    


                                     SOLD  COCO on 19/2/2000     

                MONTEGO MOONRAKER       APSB 2537


                                                                             SOLD  MONTY on 16/8/1999                    

              COLIDA'S MYSTIQUE   AAA- Not recorded


                                                                        SOLD   MISTY on 6/12/1997


                CEE BEE CORKY BOY  No registration


                                                                             SOLD CORKY on 1/11/1986


                CEE BEE PETALS LUCK  No registration


                                                                              SOLD PETALS on 7/5/1985

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